Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What's Up, Jenni?

Yes, the blog has been pretty stagnant.

Why, might you ask?


Well, to be fair a lot of things, but mostly school. School starts in under two weeks, but my work started a long time ago.

Since this is a book-related blog, I figured I would share some posts about my "librarian" life as well, so here is a very quick combined post, for you lovely book readers you.

Looking Back:
Since the last post I have read around 5 books. Authors include but not limited to Molly McAdams, Julie Garwood, and James Patterson.

I have volunteered at school registration.... which was a disaster.

I have printed out my school planner for the year.

I have decided on my bulletin board themes.

I have started to organize my books from ALA.

Looking Forward:

I plan to post the free and adorable planners I use, review said books, and keep up with this blog. I need to input 200 new books to the system and library, and create permission and info slips for my new book club.

Hopefully you will look past our delayed posts, and will enjoy what the upcoming school year has to offer.


Remember, if there is anything you would like to ask me or share about my librarian life, please do!

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