Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Teaser Tuesday (#5!)

Happy Tuesday, folks!

 This year, I created a book challenge for my students. One of their goals is to read a book that I have read this year. This is also challenging me to read books I normally wouldn't, so that I can give a greater area of interest to my students.
Because of that, here's a teaser of a book I am currently reading! This is a middle-grade book, but I absolutely LOVE IT.

Teaser Tuesday is a meme hosted by Should Be Reading, in which we post a little *non-spoiler* teaser of the book we are currently reading.

"His beautifully sharpened book knife would have been the preferred insturment, but the interior of ther Titanic was quite simply too white. the splatter of blood resulting from a fatal stab or slice would be terrible- it would torture him to see those clean halls stained. No, the knife would not suffice."
Dangerous Waters: An Adventure on the Titanic

This is the perfect book for some of my reluctant readers, especially for the historical fiction aspect!

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