Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Confessional! (#1)

I've decided to start my own meme, based off of the recent post by ALA in which librarians posted their secrets and confessions.

On Sundays, (or Mondays if I forget) I will post a confession related to my job or books. If you would like to join in, go ahead! Share with me your book-related confession!

To start off:
I have a shelf behind the checkout desk that I use to hold books that have not yet been entered into the library database. When a student asks me to check out one of those books, I feel selfish and territorial. I let them, but I can't stop the feelings of 'those are MY books!' 'I want to be the first to read them!'

As I said, I still let them check it out, and I love hearing them tell me if they enjoyed the book. It's hard for me to make the difference between 'my' books and library books that I bought for them. 

Ugh. Sometimes it's hard to be a book lover and a librarian.

So tell me, what are YOUR confessions?

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