Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Confessional! (#2)

I've decided to start my own meme, based off of the recent post by ALA in which librarians posted their secrets and confessions.

On Sundays, (or Mondays if I forget) I will post a confession related to my job or books. If you would like to join in, go ahead! Share with me your book-related confession!

Today's confession:

When a student brings in a book damanged, I am supposed to charge them for the cost of the book, + the 3.00 it takes to prepare the books. (Barcode labels, spine labels, stamping cards, laminate, and if needed the book glue and tape.) 

I do not seem to have the balls to fully charge these students, so unless the book is brand-new, I do not charge them the 3.00. (To be honest, for missing or damaged books, I might see only 2-3 of them actually paid or replaced.)

I am also pretty lenient on late-fines. We charge 5 cents a day that it is late, not including weekends. 

My library needs the funds, but sometimes I feel it's better to keep books in their hands, then to charge them.

So tell me, what are YOUR book related confessions?

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