Sunday, October 20, 2013

WW update!

I was going to pos a WW readathon update on Thursday, but it became crazy hectic at the school! I had to help set up for a motivational speaker at the school. I arrived an hour earlier than usual, and spent the entire morning doing tasks related to that. After that, I had a cry-fest in the library with the school counselor because a student came forward with a sad story that reminded me of my own high-school self. Then, once my emotions were drained, I had to meet with a local farmer who was donating 100 pumpkins to the library/art class. After unloading his truck, I then had to hand-wash, hand-dry, and relocate each and every pumpkin. It took me over 2 hours! I personally am over pumpkin season. ;-)  Then to top it off, the one book I wanted to read during the WW read a thon.... I LEFT AT WORK! ARG!

Then I had a friend come up to visit my husband and I, and to run a 5k. According to the results I finished in 28 minutes, and was the 13th overall women finisher. I can tell you that that is not true, and that I was one of the LAST finishers.  So basically, I haven't read at all since Wednesday.  Go me....

The basic details: The WW Read-a-Thon runs October 11th-20th, and is hosted by My Shelf Confessions. There will be twitter parties and challenges! (#WWreadathon)

You can find details about and join the Wonderfully Wicked RaT (tee-hee) here.

So far I have finished:
I started at page 84 in The Long Walk and page 30 in An English Bride in Scotland.

I plan on also starting this tonight: 

So, there you have it.I read/finished 3 books, and will be starting a 4th tonight. This was a pretty great Read a Thon, even though I was busy. Do you know of any other read a thons about to start? Let me know!


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