Friday, June 14, 2013

Family Friday Review: Zen Shorts

Zen Shorts – Jon J Muth – Scholastic Press

The “Facts”: Hard Cover, 40 pages, 20-30 minutes

Summary:  From Good Reads

Jon J Muth, author of the best-selling book, THE THREE QUESTIONS, has crafted another profound and winning picture book.

"Michael," said Karl. "There's a really big bear in the backyard." This is how three children meet Stillwater, a giant panda who moves into the neighborhood and tells amazing tales. To Addy he tells a story about the value of material goods. To Michael he pushes the boundaries of good and bad. And to Karl he demonstrates what it means to hold on to frustration. With graceful art and simple stories that are filled with love and enlightenment, Jon Muth -- and Stillwater the bear -- present three ancient Zen tales that are sure to strike a chord in everyone they touch.

Review:  I love children's book that have a lesson.  Even though Emmett is not old enough to understand this yet I feel better knowing that someday our beloved story time will also teach him things.

Zen Shorts does exactly this.  Three siblings befriend a Giant Panda named Stillwater.  Stillwater in the spirit of Zen teaches each child a life lesson about a situation that has presented itself to them at that time. 

The illustrations in this book change with each story and are vibrant and captivating for a young child.  They are also quite cultural.

This book keeps the characters simple and has a humble story line, allowing young readers to follow along with ease.

Anyone can enjoy this book.  Even an adult that needs a time out or a lesson in morals!

 Rating: 4.5 stars

While I enjoy reading this to Emmett at bedtime it is not designed for children his age.  Children 5 and up would likely be the best audience.

 Jenn C

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