Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Teaser Tuesday (#1)

Good Morning!

The baby is sleeping, and while I should be cleaning, I'm catching up on my reading! 

While I promised my husband to read only Name on the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, I've been sneaking in If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch. I only bought this book on Friday, but I just couldn't wait to read it!

Now, I wasn't going to post this. I didn't want to over-run this blog with Meme's, but while reading I came across this paragraph, which I felt was the PERFECT teaser to this book. So, without further ado, here is my Teaser Tuesday!

Teaser Tuesday is a meme hosted by Should Be Reading, in which we post a little *non-spoiler* teaser of the book we are currently reading.


"I shift in my seat, feeling like I'm betraying Nessa's trust. But the fact of the matter is, her choice to remain mute concerns me, too. As if it isn't bad enough we're poor, backward folk; Janessa's lack of speech is enough to cast her as a freak. She's so trusting, so innocent. That's what worries me the most."

Seriously folks, this is one of those books that hooks you from page 1. It is SO HARD to put this book down. I guess it's a good thing I have a cute baby, otherwise I would have forgone sleeping to finish this book!


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  1. That is a great teaser and I will have to look for that one! Don't you hate when a good book is just waiting for you to pick it up again? Welcome to Teaser Tuesday and those are adorable photos on your header! :)

    My teaser