Sunday, June 22, 2014

Author Behavior

I recently read the first two books of a series, (which you can probably figure it out by following me on Twitter!) and while importing my short review into Goodreads I stumbled across something that instantly made me feel like I stepped into the twilight zone.

I met this author at BEA. I replied to this author on twitter several times. I thought this author was a nice person.

 I suddenly found myself forced into this rabbit hole, with no help of escape. I read about despicable things this author said to reviewers, things the authors team said and did, and of course everyone's reactions.


This all transpired a couple of years ago, but still this hit me like a freight truck. I have no idea if this author's apology was sincere or if they have changed their ways. Yet I am stuck. I feel I can not honorably review her book now, without a bias. I feel this behavior has soiled my opinion of the book and it is not fair to future readers for me to have a negative review based upon the author's actions alone.

Which is sad. I enjoyed the book. It wasn't wonderful, but it was a read I enjoyed in a day. I had a general pleasurable read. Now I can't help but feel shame, which is also absurd.

This author acted like a spoiled kid who did not win the talent show. Not everyone is going to love everything you do. It is important for those to remember their audience. Spurning your blog followers, your readers, your staff, etc. can bite anyone in the butt. Why I think some feel the need to go above and verbally call out others on an OPINION that was in no way inflammatory, is just because they haven't been around negative criticism.

I hope to one day teach my daughter how to gracefully win and lose. That means learning how to accept duplicate birthday gifts with grace, how to be disappointed but now show it, if she gets something she doesn't want. How to thank someone for the time they spent coming to visit her, getting her anything, even if the outcome wasn't what she expected. How to gracefully thank people for the blessings they bestow on her, and to be a gracious host. I can only hope she understands the meaning of good manners. How blessed she is, and how negative attention is just a way of life. Hard, absolutely. But still a part of life.

Dear Authors:
Your behavior affects us all. While I may not have been the target of your attentions, it may still affect my view of you, and what I recommend to my friends. It affects how I view similar authors, and how I will look for new authors to peruse. I will be keeping my ears open for more drama, because honestly? I don't wish to be anywhere near this kind of drama. I do not want to purchase the material of an author who is going to lash out at her readers. I do not want to follow an author like this on social media. Be a positive role model, please?

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