Monday, June 16, 2014

Musing Mondays

Musing Mondays is a meme hosted by Should Be Reading, in which book bloggers muse about about something related to books. (Usually.) Rants, raves, random thoughts are all welcome here. I personally will be using Musing Mondays to talk about my other job: being a middle school librarian.

Musing Mondays / School Library

Today is my first official day of summer break. School is out, I am not to return for another 9ish weeks, and I can enjoy some one on one time with my Tater-tot.

However my husband and I felt it was appropriate to keep her in day-care at least twice a week so that she can keep up the routine. She loves daycare, loves getting to interact with other kids on the daily, so who are we to object? Not to mention that gives us more time to clean up the house, have some 1 on 1 time, exercise, and work on the blog. In fact, I am currently sitting at my local Barnes and Noble cafe. ;-)

So, what could I possibly have to talk about? I no longer have a library. I've mentioned this on Twitter, but I don't think I've mentioned it here. My school has some major changes underway this summer. The biggest is that we are going 1:1 with technology. All kids will be given an Ipad, and the instructors are busy working on finding ways to incorporate that into the classroom.

The other major change is that my old library space is becoming the school office area. Sadly, we feel the need to make our office the entrance to the school. As it is now, once you are buzzed into the school, you have access to go wherever. We are making it necessary that you must enter through the office before gaining access to the school. Well, where is the library going?

Good question. Think of my library being a square. Then there is the multi-purpse room, another square next to mine. There is a small courtyard between the two.The are expanding the far wall of my library to connect to the MP room, taking away the courtyard. From there, I am retaining a SMALL portion of my original space, making the library a lovely 'L' shape. My desk will go in the apex of the L. Lovely huh?

I honestly can not picture this. AT ALL. I have seen the sketches, but they still blow my mind. I guess it will be a HUGE surprise come fall to see what this will look like.

As of right now? The outside wall, my circulation desk, the office walls, wall to the computer lab, and the counselor's office have all been removed. What is left.... is an empty shell of a room. It is day 1 of break, and I have no library.

The wall with the exit is the wall that was demolished. The wall in the back is what I will be retaining. Where I am standing/the desk will be the school offices. They will be constructing a wall down the middle there to split us apart.

This was in middle of packing. Excuse the mess. The wall pictured above is blocking the computer lab. That has been removed as well. That will be where my new desk will be. 

 This was the beginning of storing. Pictured here is ONLY the main library items. This does not include my desk items, office, or storage. Ladies and gentlemen, this was the 'library' since April.

This was day 1 of demolition. The area in the left picture will be the new library space. The empty holes the plywall is covering WAS the computer lab. The giant hole WAS the door of my library. Since taking these photos, both of those exterior walls pictured in the left picture are completely gone. :(

In the end, I am SUPER excited to see what I will be receiving in the fall. I will be sure to post pictures when I can!

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