Friday, May 9, 2014

Rainbow Rowell- My thoughts

I have now read three novels by Rainbow Rowell: Eleanor and Park, Fangirl, and Attachments, and in that order. I believe that I like them, in that order the best.

Eleanor and Park was a tragically beautiful story, written with such heart that I believed these characters were real. I wished they were real. I wanted to cuddle up in their story for ever, and say "See? This is what things should be like!" Two people who are still teens, who learn to value each other for the real them, and in time. However, I digress from the point of this post.

Fangirl and Attachments were o.k. I didn't LOVE the stories, but I loved the writing. Rainbow has a talent of making characters seem 'true' and 'real'. She does not write Mary-sues. She does not write wimpy characters. She writes flawed characters- and DOESN'T APOLOGIZE FOR IT.

Have you by chance peeked at Rainbow's blog? If you haven't, I urge you to read this post specifically: Is Eleanor Fat? As you can tell, this is hot topic for her book. She alludes to the fact that Eleanor is not just 'big' but she is in fact fat. And you know what? It's NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL. This isn't about a girl who diets to get a boy to like her. This is a flawed character, who happens to be fat.

I urge you to look back into your memory, and find a book (bonus points if it has a romance theme!) where the main character just happens to be fat. Not fat and dieting, or just 'curvy'. Someone who is actually fat and given a chance?

We say TV and magazines are bad for girls self esteem, but why is it no one mentions books? Normally the "not hot" girls are still defined as 'cute'. They remind me of those 80's movies where the 'ugly' girls get a make-over by letting their hair down and getting contacts.


Rainbow Rowell can do no wrong. She is wise, funny, and hopefully starting a trend that continues. Thank you, R. R. If I ever meet you, expect a massive hug from me. <3

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